For the last few months the Rockford Public Schools have been asking for the public's help naming the two new schools they are currently constructing. The good news? We now know the official name for one of them, and even though I love it, I can't help but giggle.

The list of suggested names being considered for the new schools in Cherry Valley and on Kishwaukee Street in Rockford had recently been narrowed down to five choices:

  • Constancy Renick Lane
  • Jane Addams Elementary School (Kishwaukee location)
  • Martin Luther King Junior Elementary (Kishwaukee location)
  • Cherry Valley School
  • Leonard B. Keller Elementary School

According to WIFR, the Rockford School District has said they wanted the names of each school to tell a story about the communities they are located in. That being said, the official name chosen for the school located at Harrison and Perryville in Cherry Valley is....Cherry Valley Elementary School.

Let's be honest for a sec, when you first saw that name you thought, "real creative" or "wow, how original", right? I thought the same thing, until I took a moment to consider a few things.

First off, I'm a Cherry Valley gal. Always have been, and probably always will be. My daughters will be attending this new school, and I can already see them in their CV school swag. The biggest reason though that I now love this school name is because it fits the community of Cherry Valley perfectly.

How you ask? Most of the important landmarks in this village have Cherry Valley in their name, so it only makes sense that one of biggest additions should too...we need to own that awesomeness!

Now if they will just keep the Cherry Valley cheetah mascot...I could really get in to dressing my girls in all cheetah print.

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