A once popular downtown Rockford bar will be empty no more because a new concept will soon fill it's space.

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Kryptonite has sat empty for several months leaving wonder to what might take it's place. Many guesses included another bar, a storefront, or some sort of office space for a business and now the answer has finally be shared. It's exciting idea, too.

The space that was once full of good music and great people will be filled with good drinks and delicious food.

According to WREX, a coffee house and bistro, called Capital House, will be a three-part hybrid restaurant.

"Today in the business it's what they call a hybrid restaurant," chef and Capital House co-owner Brothers says. "They take two concepts and they put them together to make one style restaurant. In this case it's a high end coffee house and a bistro restaurant."

The end goal is for it to be a spot to go to morning, noon, or night to enjoy food and specialty coffees. WREX says it'll be a process, though.

Brothers and his business partners also plan to open two other restaurants downtown over time. It is an ambitious plan for a downtown that has seen restaurants come and go.

Overall, this is a great opportunity for downtown Rockford. Creating more options for residents and tourists is never a bad thing.

If you're disappointed about it not being a new bar there are plenty of options around town.

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