It's a beautiful day in the Stateline as the Chicago Cubs keep making improvements and changes today at Wrigley. By now you've head that Major Leagues Top Prospect Kris Bryant is starting at third base, but there is one more new tradition to watch for at Wrigley.


When the Cubs win and here's to winning more that ever at Wrigley Field, the new electronic jumbo screen which checks in at a big 42 feet by 95 feet will start a new tradition. According to multiply sources, eye witnesses, and SportsMockery.Com 

Christian Peterson, Getty Images

The new Winstrust Bank name on top of the massive board will proudly leave shinning the blue "W" sitting right on top of it on all night long. It's a new spin on a classic tradition at Wrigley.

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At home I have a sign with a big blue "W" printed on it that I display proudly. It's pale in comparison to the massive "W" displayed at Wrigley, but it's all mine. Other Cub fans I know in Rockford wave a "W" Flag above their doorsteps.

Here's to a great season with plenty of "W"'s displayed around the Stateline with or without electricity.