OMG! What? I won't be able to watch a whole season in one night? Will it affect Stranger Things, The Dark and other shows I love? ( I think I'm hyperventilating)


Calm down, Not just yet, but maybe soon. According to,

Starting in October, Netflix will no longer release episodes of certain series all at once. Instead, it will release chunks of episodes on a weekly basis. On Tuesday, Hypebeast reported that Netflix is dialing back binge drops for original programming starting with the The Great British Baking Show and Rhythm & Flow.

Netflix is doing this to compete with services like Hulu and Disney+. The idea is that by releasing a show weekly, the show has more value for longer. We anticipate it, crave it, and  will watch it for a longer period of time. Hence increasing the value of the each show, the series and Netflix in general.

You know kids, there was a time when watching a show weekly was our only option. I know, I know, your asking yourself, 'How did we live?' Well, we just did. That is all we knew. And, I will know blow your mind with the fact that we couldn't watch shows over again. Yep, no VHS, DVD, or DVR. Yes, we were warriors. Patience and memory were our virtue.


So, calm down, it will all be ok.

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