Nashville is wrapping up its six-season run with a series finale on Thursday (July 26), and it looks like fans might get one final glimpse of Rayna Jaymes.

Connie Britton starred in the first five seasons of Nashville as Jaymes, a country superstar who pursues a comeback while dealing with raising her kids, a complicated romantic life and running her own record label. Fans were stunned when Jaymes died by surprise in Season 5, but in a new trailer released for the series finale, it appears Britton might be returning to the show for one final turn in front of the cameras as her beloved character.

In the clip above, Jaymes' widowed husband, Deacon Claybourne, sees what appears to be Jaymes, bathed in light as if in a visitation from beyond. "Is this real?" he wonders aloud in the scene. Nashville fans will get their answer when the series finale airs on CMT at 9PM ET/8PM CT.

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The teaser also shows a confrontation between Avery and Juliette that could change things for them, and at least one couple from the show are going to get to walk away hand-in-hand with a happy ending.

Charles Esten, who's played Deacon Claybourne since the beginning of the show, shared recently that not every character will get to end on a positive note, and his might be one of them.

"There’s an episode where Rayna tells Deacon that she just wants him to be happy, and Deacon says, 'Me and happy don’t get along too good,'" Esten tells the Boot. "That was always a hallmark of Deacon. Even in good times, there would be this dark streak."

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