Wedding photo booths for your reception are so last year.

Having a bounce house is the way to go.

There's a big trend for weddings to have bounce houses for the bride and groom. found that not only do the newly wed couples want their guests to have a good time with dinners, dancing and drink but now they can release their inner child and bounce the night away.

There's a wedding rental company out of England, A Wedding Wonderland, that rents wedding bounce houses for adults that resemble a white castle. All you need is a 20 x 25 foot space to blow it up. They can be decorated in the color theme of the wedding as well. It roughly costs just under $400 to rent too!

That's honestly kind of cool. not to mention different.

The downside is that there are three companies that offer this fun option A Wedding Wonderland, 1 Entertainment, and Mr Bouncy Castle, but they're UK based.(Best Products)

Boo! Well that's stinky.

They're aren't any in the US offering this. Really? I don't understand why not?

Well here's to "hoping the trend makes its way across the pond."

If you could would you rent one of these for your big day?