The Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens in Rockford needs your help in naming their Corpse Flower.

WIFR shares that in 2011 the Titan Arum, otherwise known as a Corpse Flower (due to it's smell of rotten flesh) was donated from the "Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, CA. (

It's showing signs that it's about to bloom and as a tradition "gardens and conservatories typically name their Titan Arum [a.k.a. Corpse Flower] once it begins to bloom.

Want to join the fun in being creative to name this freaky plant that flowers every 20 years and is known for it's pungent order of rotten flesh and burnt sugar. Hmmm...that's quite a combination. You'd never forget that smell.

To help name the Titan Arum, see their Facebook post below.

I saw a few comments of fun names like Stinky La Pew, The Big Stink-Lewbowski,Mr. I. M. Orderifous,. those made me smile.

Think you can do better?




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