First it was mysterious packages of seeds being sent in the mail that we were advised not to open or plant. Now, it's masks. WTF 2020?

A few months ago, a random delivery of masks might've seemed like a blessing. Especially considering we were so desperate for one we were doing things like turns socks into masks. But now we've all got our masks stocked up, and we don't need any mysterious ones being sent via mail.

But 2020 has no chill, so apparently that's whats happening. WGN details -

Face masks from China are showing up unsolicited in Florida mailboxes. And they are not gifts.

Definitely way more harmless than mysterious seeds, but still kind of concerning. Turns out this could be another brushing scheme where companies send out products to you and then leave a fake review under your name to boost their sales. WGN details -

The FTC recommends that you change all e-commerce passwords if you receive packages from China that you didn’t order.

And if you receive random masks, be cautious if you do decide to use them. I'd suggest just throwing them away.

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