I have been attending my daughter's marching band performances in Morton, Illinois for 2 years now. This story makes me proud she is involved with these wonderful people. 

The Morton Potters High School Marching Band has been very successful for many years. One of those reasons is the atmosphere of the kids. It is like a family. Everyone takes care of each other.

One person in particular is a freshman named Mikayla Bankes. When she was in 4th grade, I had the chance to coach her in soccer. She was a high spirited, very outgoing person. Her father is very ill and was recently sent home and put on hospice care. Mikayla is on the color guard, and her one wish was for her father to see her perform. He also had the same wish.
What happened next was beyond words.

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During the afternoon, the students were told that practice that night would be in full uniform. No one questioned it.

The band director, Jeff Neavor, arranged to have Mikayla's dad watch her perform. The ambulance company transported him to the field and had him in front of the stands.

The kids started to perform and Mikalya saw her dad mid performance. How she was able to continue was beyond belief. After the performance, she was led to her dad, with her three best friends, and waiting for her was a sign and balloons and flowers. From what my daughter told me, there were signs that said "Daddy loves you Mikalya". She also told me that there was not a dry eye anywhere.

One of the most touching moments is when Mikalya saw that her dad had her band shirt on. She was so moved. For one night, two peoples dreams came true.


Jacque Barnes Austin via Facebook

Here is a gallery of all the pictures that were taken from that night.

This story has now reached millions of people on Facebook. There is a page called Love What Matters. This story has received over 5,900 shares.

I am so proud that my daughter is part of something special. Each child understands that no matter what happens at band competitions, there is something more important. Family.