Despite the frigid temperatures that hit much of the Midwest, a Janesville, WI Police Officer went the extra mile to help someone in need. Let's be honest, it takes a person with a warm heart to get out of their car to help a stranger when the wind chill is -25º. The cold didn't stop Officer Denise Hagen Stutika, though.

Details are limited but on January 2, 2018, Officer Stutika spotted a van parked on the side of E. Memorial Drive during the morning commute. She pulled behind the vehicle which had a flat tire driven by a senior citizen. (Here's where the officer goes way beyond the call of duty.) She helped change the elderly man's tire. During the process, another officer was there to assist if needed. Kudos to Officers Denise Hagen Stutika and Matt Schieve.

Janesville Police Screenshot
Facebook/608 Janesville AREA Scanner

Officers aren't required to help with road side assistance like changing a tire, but it's certainly not frowned upon. As always, we thank of the men and women in blue that keep us safe every day.

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