Imagine this. It's almost bed time and you've got the munchies. What would be good to munch on right before bed that's not too heavy or sugary and will not keep you awake?

Try these 10 best foods to eat before bed!

1. Nuts - Nuts are full of protein and have traces of trytophan which helps us sleep.

2. Crackers with Peanut Butter - Wheat crackers fill you up and peanut butter gives you protein.

3. String Cheese - The cheese will give you protein plus keep your blood sugar level.

4. Greek Yogurt - Yogurt is full of protein, calcium and best part it fills you up.

5. Raw Vegetables - The veggies fill you up and they're good for you.

6. Chamomile Tea - The warm decaffeinated liquid warms and relaxes you.

7. Milk - Milk is full of calcium which reduces stress and helps you relax.

8. Edamame - it's properties combat restlessness.

9. Cherries - Cherries have shown to boost your melatonin and help in getting you to sleep.

10. Banana - Bananas naturally relax & slow your pulse and helps you relax to sleep.

The best part about these 10 snacks is that they won't pack on pounds and they do help you sleep. Visit to read more.