Holiday movies are part of most people's Christmas traditions but using them as a babysitter can get you into hot water. According to ABC Chicago, in Muncie Indiana yesterday police found a 7 year old boy along with his 4 year old brother watching "Home Alone" while they were home alone. Sure the movie is great but in real life not so much. The children's mother told police that she was unable to find a babysitter and had to go to work. She told her oldest boy of only 7 years to stay home from school to watch his younger brother.


The police received an anonymous report that stated the two children were home alone. When the police arrived at the home at the 1800 block of south Franklin Street they found the two boys watching the movie Home Alone. The police contacted the boys mother at her place of work and she said that this has happened before but not a lot.

Emergency vehicle lighting

The mother was arrested under two felony charges of neglect of a dependent and her boys have been placed in the care of their aunt. If you have young children under the age of 14 never leave them home alone.The legal age of a child being left alone at home in Illinois is 14, so if they're younger than that don't even think about it.



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