Wisconsin travellers on I-90 were held up for hours this past Sunday, and now we know the incredibly sad reason why.

This past weekend my parents had been up North opening our cabin in Wisconsin, and their normal 2 and a half hour drive home turned into over 5 hours Sunday afternoon. At about 7 p.m. my Mom sent me this text....



After scouring the internet for a while Sunday night, I was able to find out that a shooting had in fact took place on I-90 near Lake Delton, Wisconsin, but more specific details were hard to find that night.

Obviously I have been keeping an eye on this story for the past few days, and each day the story gets sadder. My heart broke this morning after hearing that a mother of two named Tracy Czaczkowski from Buffalo Grove has now died from the injuries she sustained from this random and disgusting act of violence.



It absolutely sickens and terrifies me that this happened to an innocent family on their way home from a weekend escape to the Dells!

Although my parents were not close enough to actually see what was going on, they were told by police that "two incidents had occurred" causing the traffic delays.

Here's one witnesses account of that second occurrence...



Officers may have got the suspect, but was justice really served?

To read more details about this tragic incident, check out the complete article from ABC7Chicago here.