Pokemon Go has become one of the most popular apps in history. What are you chasing the most?

The fine folks at decluttr.com have complied a list of the most wanted characters of the game in each state. It is no surprise that Pokemon is the most searched with 6 states. What is surprising is what came in second.

Eevee is the second most searched, with Illinois being one of the five states. She is not that known, which makes it more intriguing that people want to find her.

In Wisconsin, most people are looking for Metapod.

How was the list determined? According to the website:

"We decided to find which states are looking for which Pokémon most. To do this, we took phrases like ‘where is…’ and ‘how to find…’, paired them up with the Pokémon in the game and measured the volume of searches in each state."

Whatever you decide to look for, always make sure to be safe. Find the complete list here.