Although it's been a few weeks since it's first inception, Pokemon Go is still as hot as ever. People are out in droves searching to capture those illusive characters.

Legislators in Illinois have proposed a bill to protect our parks and other sensitive sites from the game and it's players.

According to ABC7, parks in and around our state are happy to see more people frequenting their areas, but they're also concerned about protecting their spaces too.

In particular, any of the areas that have endangered or protected species of plants and animals. They want to have some areas to be cordoned off  and off limits to the game players as they do not want them disturbing and or destroying those protected places.

That's why several legislators in our state have proposed a bill to give parks, wetlands and other sensitive sites protection from game players. "The proposed law would fine developers who fail to remove the sites from protected lands."

The problem parks are running into is the fact that they like and encourage more people getting out to discover their areas, but it's just that sometimes too much of a good thing turns into a problem.

We've already seen a lot of issues occur with people getting stuck in trees, or trespassing on properties just playing the game, that is what our legislators are trying to avoid happening to our parks.

Now you might be thinking well why don't the parks contact Niantic and asked to be remove, surly that should be simple enough without having to propose a law.

Several of the parks have and they've either gotten no response from the games company or they denied that the parks were Pokestops. that is frustrating.

I can understand why a law may be needed then.


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