It doesn't matter if you've lived in Illinois all your life or just moved here, we're willing to bet you've butchered these town names a time or two (or one hundred).

Mispronouncing Illinois Towns

I've lived in Pecatonica, Illinois for almost 2 years now, but just the other day I learned some people have no clue how to properly pronounce the village's name.

5 Things You Didn't Know About: Pecatonica, Illinois
Ben Jacobson

If you pronounce Pecatonica PEK-uh-TAHN-ih-kuh, you are doing it correctly by today's standards, but I just learned that might not be the way it was originally pronounced.

Just follow me for a minute while I attempt to make a long story short...

Last week my parents (who live in Rockford) met a man in Wisconsin that told them he would be visiting Illinois, specifically PEEK-uh-TIN-eek-AH, in a couple of weeks. The man had a thick Polish accent, so it took my folks a while to figure out where he was referring to, but then they did, and we all got a good chuckle out of it.

When I told my born-and-raised-in-Pecatonica mother-in-law the funny mispronunciation story, she informed me that PEEK-uh-TIN-eek-AH might actually be the correct pronunciation in regards to the land originally settled by the Pecatonica Indians.

After getting my mind blown by that fact I got to thinking; what other towns and cities in Illinois are often mispronounced?

5 Illinois Towns That Are Often Mispronounced

I searched for, and read through, several different articles about the most mispronounced towns and city names in Illinois, (check out this article that contains a BUNCH of great ones), but here are 5 that ranked near the top of every list I found.

1. Loogootee- (LOH-guh-TEE)

2. Ipava- (eye-PAY-vuh)

3. Cairo (KAIR-oh)

4. Shabbona- (SHAB-buh-nuh)

5. Vergennes- (ver-JENZ)

Is there another Illinois town that you find yourself, or other people, constantly mispronouncing? See us a message on the app and let us know what it is!

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