A new list of Illinois' most boring towns came out, and many people in the Stateline area may be upset about one town that made the list.

What Makes Something Boring?

When it comes to classifying people, places, or things as "boring", I happen to believe it is a matter of taste. Many people think hamburgers with just bacon and cheese and no condiments are boring, but I happen to think it's delicious. Some people find staying home on a Friday night boring, but I happen to think it's wonderful. I think you get my point...

One person's boring can be another person's happy place, and the same goes for towns and cities all across the World.

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Illinois' Most Boring Places

The website RoadSnacks  published a list of the "10 Most Boring Places In Illinois For 2023", and I think a LOT of Illinoisans will take issue with some of the towns that made the list.

Before I tell you what the top 5 most boring Illinois places are, l must share what RoadSnacks had to say;

Before you get all upset if your city’s name is on the list, rest assured that we didn’t use personal opinion when it comes to what classifies a city or town as “boring” or “exciting”. We crunched actual numbers to figure out which towns are statistically more boring.

So, what exactly are the numbers that RoadSnacks crunched? Basically, they studied 8 years' worth of Census data, FBI crime data, cost of living data, and "other primary sources" for each city/town to name these 5 places at Illinois' most boring:

5. Channahon, Illinois - Overall "SnackAbility" 9/10

Google Maps
Google Maps

Population: 13,694
Average Age: 37.4
% Married: 52.0%

4. Volo, Illinois - Overall "SnackAbility" 6/10

Google Maps
Google Maps


Population: 5,929
Average Age: 32.9
% Married: 33.0%

3. Mahomet, Illinois - Overall "SnackAbility" 9.5/10

Google Maps
Google Maps


Population: 9,297
Average Age: 37.1
% Married: 49.0%

2. Minooka, Illinois - Overall "SnackAbility" 6/10

Google Maps
Google Maps


Population: 12,412
Average Age: 33.2
% Married: 45.0%

1. Manhattan, Illinois - Overall "SnackAbility" 5/10

Google Maps
Google Maps


Population: 9,366
Average Age: 33.9
% Married: 53.0%

Why Are These Illinois Towns "Boring"?

If you dive a little deeper into the data RoadSnacks was using to make their classifications, you will quickly discover that lower crime rates, low unemployment numbers, and high education ratings must be what RoadSnacks considers boring, but I think it makes these towns more appealing! What do YOU think?

What is the Sixth Most Boring Place in Illinois?

Let's just say there's a reason I am only highlighting the five most boring towns in Illinois and not all 10 that RoadSnacks identified.  Why? Because Roscoe made the list at #6, and that's just not cool. (See the full list, here).

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