Did you even know that the Patriots wrote their own Super Bowl anthem as a response to the Super Bowl Shuffle?

Probably not and that's because anyone connected with this probably wants it lost to the annals of time.

Unfortunately for them, the internet exists and as we all know, the internet is undefeated.

Before we get to the atrocity titled "New England, The Patriots and We" (actual title, we'll address it later) let's remind ourselves of the greatest musical performance ever turned in by active professional athletes.

Those are professional athletes delivering some pretty solid lyrics. They look good doing it and somehow it's not cheesy. Even Maury Burford, the Bears punter, somehow pulled off playing the cowbell in a fedora. Amazing.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

NOTE: That might not be a fedora but you get it.

Somehow a dorky punter had the coolest pop culture cowbell moment until Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken did SNL in the early 2000s.

So, that's your frame of reference when considering what a "good" Super Bowl hype video should look like.

Now take a look at what the Patriots did. Warning, the cringe is VERY high in the below video.

There's a lot to take in here. Let's start with the title. New England, the Patriots and We. I'm not great at grammar but I'm pretty sure that's not grammatically correct. Shouldn't it be "New England, the Patriots, and Us?" Still a horrible title but that sounds better. Maybe I'm not understanding the difference between direct and indirect pronouns but I know what my ear likes. Did they use "We" for a better rhyming scheme? Also, I know the Oxford comma can divide people as well as politics can,  but I still would have thrown one in after Patriots.

Now for the video itself. Listen, I know it's real easy to make fun of the 80s, we were trying to figure some things out culturally and things got occasionally weird, but these two videos were from the same era, same year even. The Super Bowl shuffle, while definitely from the 80s, is roughly 1000x cooler than this one.

This video reminds me of that Cleveland video that the internet destroyed about 10 years ago.

This one.


Man I miss Noah, imagine him on this year's Bulls team. Jordan era electricity if Noah is holding down the 5 spot with Zach, Demar, Ball, and Vooch moving out to the 4.

Anyway. The Bears destroyed the Patriots 46-10 in the actual Super Bowl but the margin of defeat The Super Bowl Shuffle had over New England, The Patriots, and We was MUCH larger.

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