As a parent, any fever of 101 or above sends me straight into panic mode. We're talking stripping of clothes, calling the doctor, getting the ice bath ready, panic. The flu that has taken over this nation is taking lives, so it needs to be taken seriously.

I've seen several of my mommy friends sharing this Mom from Texas' story on social media this morning, and it freaks me out. I am seriously praying that my kids do not get the flu or get prescribed Tamiflu after reading this.


I get that Tamiflu can help, and it is necessary for treating serious flu cases, bit these side effects scare me. I think the most important part of that mom's story is towards the end where the Pediatrician told her "you're not crazy and neither is she. Tamiflu just doesn't always work well with children and not all Drs are aware of those studies."

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