The MLB has recently changed their policy about how to deal with the losing team's championship merchandise, and the waste has many people in an uproar. 

We've all made the tasteless jokes about people in third world countries wearing the "losers" t-shirts after our favorite sports teams win a championship, but at least all that losing merchandise was being put to good use. Not the truth anymore when it comes MLB merchandise.

Typically the merchandise produced for the possible winners of any major sports championship is donated to a Christian non-profit charity called World Vision when a team loses. The MLB has changed their policy this year however, and will now be destroying the Cleveland Indians merchandise instead.

The reason for this senseless waste? To protect the losing team according to a statement Matt Bourne of the MLB made to the Huffington Post.

In past years we have used World Vision, but we have moved our policy to destroying the merchandise. The reason is to protect the team from inaccurate merchandise being available or visible in the general marketplace.”


I understand the need to protect your teams, but shame on you, MLB. Isn't there already enough senseless waste in this World?