What a weekend for Miss Carly's, it was truly something out of a movie.

First, Friday morning started off with Edwards Apple Orchard West selling one-dozen boxes of donuts for $10 each to hundreds of apple-cider donut lovers. Many people waited for hours to get their hands on this seasonal delicacy. The best part is Edwards' commitment to giving a portion of the proceeds to Miss Carly's, which was just over $21,000. That's not where the weekend excitement ends for Miss Carly.

While basking in the humbling feeling of receiving a big donation from earlier in the afternoon, Miss Carly would unknowingly turn into a crime fighter.

This morning two men showed up at our door shivering, frozen, wearing prison issue sweats and thermal shirts. They had emergency blankets stuffed under their clothing. They looked just like the kind of people we want to help....but they weren't. I recognized them right away. They had escaped from prison in Wisconsin.

Carly Rice (Miss Carly from Miss Carly's) solved a big crime in a quick and safe fashion on Friday afternoon. Two men arrived at her kitchen looking for help and they looked really familiar to Carly. The men looked familiar because she had seen their mugshot on the news. These were the men that escaped out of a prison in Portage, Wisconsin.

She shared the story with Eyewitness News later that night. She also shared this quote on her own Facebook account.

What did you do today? Eh. Just drank coffee and smoked cigarettes with escaped convicts. I can't even with my life. The level of serendipity is astonishing.

Miss Carly, you may now add "crime fighter" to your resume.

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