Tis the season for curriculum night at elementary schools everywhere and in one Chicago suburb lives a little Cubs fan who wants everyone to know who his hero it.

You know, he's really not that little. He's my nine year old nephew and he'll be as tall as my mom as soon as I hit publish on this story.

He is clearly Ben Zobrist's biggest fan.

We come from a pretty Cubs centric family, so it's no surprise that Grenning is a huge Cubs fan, but when my brother sent me this photo after Gren's curriculum night, I couldn't help but laugh.

My brother sent the photo along with a text, 'Curriculum Night last night... most kids picked one or both of their parents as their hero...'

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My favorite line has to be, 'You are my hero because you think about saving your team from loosing.'

Wait... maybe, 'You are my hero because you defend and protect the World Series trophy.'

Here's hoping he can meet his hero someday! Hopefully before he grows out of this shirt he's been wearing almost every day since he got it.

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