Sometimes you hear certain details about ugly divorces and your jaw hits the floor. You won't believe what the World Series MVP's ex is asking for.

Most Divorces Are Ugly

Let's just be honest about that point above. I could probably say 'all divorces' and it would still be accurate. I'm pretty sure somewhere in every marriage that ends in divorce, there was some kind of ugliness.

No disrespect to divorce lawyers, but I wonder how many times a wife or husband only decided to really 'stick it' to their ex because of some tactic presented by the attorney. Again, no disrespect, but skilled lawyers always know what is possible, when you likely do not.

The kind of ugliness present in these new details of Ben Zobrist's divorce from his wife, Julianna, is a new level of ugly.

Julianna has already admitted to having a rather lengthy physical relationship with former Tennessee pastor Byron Yawn. This guy was even their pre- and post- marital counselor. That detail, even though the cheating was bad enough, was probably more devastating than anything, to Ben. In these details is not where I want to get caught up. It's what she recently said she wants from the divorce.

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Julianna's Latest Divorce Demand

According to divorce documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Julianna claims that the 2016 World Series MVP, "intentionally and voluntarily stopped working" and went from "the top of his game" to "giving up" which affected their household income.

Furthermore, the 'lawyer talk' says that Ben "failed to preserve marital assets" when he stepped away from the Chicago Cubs in 2019.

She's asking for $4 million,

"the amount of money he failed to preserve by abruptly and intentionally failing to satisfy his baseball contract."

I'm not an elite-level athlete but I'm pretty the mental focus that's required to play at Ben's level gets pretty diminished when your wife admits to having a very devious sexual relationship with a trusted friend and pastor. One who also received thousands of dollars as executive director of a non-profit Ben Zobrist founded.

The divorce proceedings begin on August 9 and they're sure to get even uglier.

Ben & Julianna Zobrist: Happier Times

Former Chicago Cub Ben Zobrist, and Julianna, are going through an ugly divorce. Julianna was having an affair with their pastor, who was also the couples pre- and post-marital counselor.

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