First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on a topic that many have swept under carpet. The need of assisting our homeless veterans.

She's urging landlords of vacant properties to turn them into housing for our veterans.


ABC7 reports that Mrs. Obama recently called on "landlords and property owners around the US to consider opening up units to homeless veterans. FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) urged more landlords to consider getting involved with the "Supportive Services for Veteran Families" program, an initiative that provides grants to non-profits and consumer cooperatives on behalf of vets in need and to be more receptive to accepting HUD Vash Vouchers. The Section 8 vouchers are doled out to qualifying veterans as a means of rental assistance."

She said that this "isn't just the patriotic thing to do, it can also be the smart thing to do for your business. Through federal efforts, like HUD Vash Vouchers or the Supportive Service for Veteran Families program, you are guaranteed regular rent payments and staff support along the way."

This actually is a very sensible move. Plus, there are other perks to it than just being a way to help house and take care of our veterans. Keeping properties from sitting empty will discourage crime and vandalism.