As an adult hospitals are a scary place to be, I can only imagine how frightening it is for a child facing a major medical procedure.

Worried parents can only do so much to calm their child's fears, so thankfully there's new technology available at Mercyhealth to help ease a bit of that burden.

According to their press release;

Mercyhealth is pleased to announce it now has Starlight Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for its Child Life Specialists to use to radically transform the hospital experience for pediatric patients by transporting them out of the hospital and into a virtual world.

Mercyhealth’s new VR headsets help decrease anxiety and pain for children, and also provides dynamic content geared toward entertainment and distraction such as virtual snowball fights, immersive field trips to global locations, meditation, fun video games and more. Patients can also play games that can help with development, education and rehabilitation.

These new VR headsets were donated to Mercyhealth by The Starlight Children’s Foundation as part of their program to provide hospitals nationwide with age appropriate and entertaining content that will help distract hospitalized kids.

I wonder if this technology with be available soon for adults who hate the hospital too? Asking for a friend of course...

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