Although he was born a day after Christmas, Brookfield Zoo received the best gift for Christmas.

Meet their newest and furriest member.

On December 26th WGN reports that gray seal parents, Lily and Boone, welcomed a bouncing, furry baby boy to their family. This is the third baby for Lily and he wasn't to small either. Weighing in at 36 pounds at birth.

Last weekend the little guy, err make that big guy, weighed in at 100 pounds. Which is normal for growth with gray seal pups.

Take a look at him with here.

Aww.... so cute. I can't help it I love animals.

Right now the nameless seal pup is staying behind the scenes at the zoo. He's bonding with his mother, learning to swim and growing.(CBS Chicago)

It looks like he'll make his zoo debut in the Pinniped Point habitat with the other seals sometime in February. (WGN)

For now if you'd like to stay up to date with the cute little seal you can follow on their Facebook page: Brookfield Zoo or by visiting

Can you just say "Awww..."

He may have arrived a day late for Christmas but his cuteness certainly makes up for it.





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