Upon learning of kiosks at a McDonald's in Rochelle, my first thought was, "wow, this will make things faster and guarantee my order is correct." That's not to say the service is slow and my order gets messed up a lot, I'm just OK with improvements like this. One might wonder if this is McDonald's way of taking a stand against the whole $15-an-hour situation. It's not.

Truth be told McDonald's wants to eliminate human error and make the ordering process quicker. The Golden Arch does not plan on eliminating jobs in lieu of the kiosks. In fact, Business Insider says it really is about time and making sure orders are correct.

The touch-screen technology is meant to speed up the ordering process and give people more control over customizing their food, while reducing opportunities for human error.

McDonald's In Rochelle, Illinois
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The financial news site says McDonald's hopes to boost profits with the addition of kiosks, which will continue to pop-up in restaurants around the country throughout the remainder of the year.

The sandwich chain announced in April that it expected to add more than 10,000 new in-cafe and delivery driver jobs by the end of 2017, as a result of the delivery service expansion.

I'm cool with McDonald's kiosks but I hope my burger options are as customizable as those amazing Coke fountain pop machines.

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