Rockford has made national headlines again, for good reason, and Mayor McNamara couldn't be more proud.

In an exclusive interview with Q98.5, Rockford mayor Tom McNamara doesn't doubt the validity of Reader's Digest,

"we have tremendous assets right here in ROCKFORD... everything from manufacturing and aviation to Coronado theater, our parks system... and fantastic Anderson gardens. Our arts and culture sometimes go  a little bit under the radar and somewhat unnoticed."

Rockford and our community is something we should all be proud of and share with pride.

It’s exciting news that we’re making a very positive list. I certainly think one of the best things about Rockford is we definitely have challenges but we typically face those challenges head-on with a lot of help but we do it together, but for a city our size, we have a lot to offer people who want to look for a new location.

Whether you're a lifelong Rockfordian or newly planted resident, let this be a positive influence on your perspective of the forest city and not quickly denounce Reader's Digest's "15 Best Places To Move To In The U.S."

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