Matt Stell has just released a new EP, and he's taking fans inside one of the new songs, "Sadie," in this Taste of Country exclusive.

Stell released an EP titled Better Than That on Oct. 16, which he co-produced with Ash Bowers. He wrote 5 of the project's 8 tracks, including "Prayed for You" — which made him the only artist to reach No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart with a debut single in 2019 — as well as his latest single, “Everywhere But On."

"Sadie" is a song Stell's manager brought to his attention, he says in the exclusive clip below. Nate Cyphert, Sam Roman, Parrish Warrington and Diederik van Elsas teamed to co-write the song, which is told from the perspective of a man who'd like a second chance with the lover he lost when they were younger.

"Sadie, I know that you've been hurtin' lately / But you know that I got you, girl / I'd start a riot for you / I'd fall in the fire for you, Sadie," Stell sings in the chorus.

"I was like, 'Man, this is so cool,' because melodically, it's not someplace I would naturally go," he notes. "And it's also not someplace I would go in the style that it's written, with the melody carrying a bunch of it."

Stell says the lyrics to the new song "do a great job of telling a lot with a little ... I just thought, man, it was an incredible, incredible tune, and I wanted to put my own spin on it. And that's what we did when we got in the studio."

Stell has been putting his quarantine downtime to good use, not only working on new music, but also hosting an 8-week livestream music series titled Penned Up on Instagram. He and co-host Lindsay Ell welcomed a series of guests including Hardy, Michael Ray, Jimmie Allen and more.

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