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There are two recurring situations related to masks amongst my group of friends.

  1. "I have a hard time hearing and I can't read their lips."
  2. "These masks are way too itchy for my beard but I don't want to shave."

Yes, the mask struggles are real but we must remember it isn't for us, it's for others. And before you freak out, there are some options to eliminate the stress and follow mask requirements. One of the two is kind of creepy though.

If you or a loved one is sporting a beard, the traditional face mask is no bueno. It's itchy, it's hot. But, these "pull over the head" masks are light, don't shrink much after being washed, and very affordable.

You can get six of these for $21 on Amazon.

Masks Troubles with Reading Lips or Itchy Beards Dilemma Solved
Kunking US via Amazon

Soft and breathable: these unisex seamless face covers are made of fiber polyester, soft to touch and comfortable to wear, not easy to shrink after machine wash or hand wash, breathable and lightweight, making you feel cool and comfortable during hot summer days.

Now, if you're someone who has a hard time hearing in general (it happens) you're in luck. I should warn you though, these masks are creepy. In fact, I'd rather struggle to hear what someone is saying versus being face-to-face with someone wearing one of these nightmare-inducing masks.

5W1HStudio via Etsy
5W1HStudio via Etsy

You can buy these HERE.

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