Oh Daylight Saving Time ... you're so weird and confusing and unnecessary. So let's just ditch you all together.

Turns out one IL. State Senator is trying to do just that. The bill was introduced by Andy Manar in January and is now under Senate consideration. Manar said he introduced the bill after a high school civics class successfully convinced him Daylight Saving Time should be eliminated.

High schoolers really know what's up I guess. WIFR details -

Senate Bill 533​ would make Daylight Saving Time the year-round standard time of the entire state after the second Sunday of March 2020.

So basically March 2020 we would turn the clocks forward an hour and that would be that. I'm on board. The whole changing the clocks thing has always confused me and there's always that one clock you forget. Or you get in your car the next morning and have a mini panic attack you're an hour late.

I just have one question ... this is just for the state of Illinois. So would the rest of our time-zone change their clocks while we stay? Yes? No? I need answers.

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