I don't remember exactly what my dog Lucy did, but at the time I was so completely exasperated by her behavior that I said something to the effect of "I swear if someone walked by right now and offered me five bucks for you, I'd sell in a heartbeat!!" Well, no one came by with a five spot...and I was just blustering anyway. There's no way I would have sold her for five bucks. Ten maybe...

Before judging me too harshly, I'm kidding. Not about being exasperated--because Lucy can do that to me quite easily--but about selling her. I make threats like that once in a while, but that's all they are. Threats. I've threatened to sell my kids to traveling circuses, for medical experiments, for the price of an order of Chicken McNuggets, you know, the usual things.

I wonder how I might have reacted to the man who approached folks out with their dogs in Chicago recently. He had quite the offer for them: their dog for $100,000 in cash.

Did they sell? Would you?

I'm just glad he didn't wander by my house during my moments of exasperation. Although, I have to admit that I feel the same way about Lucy as those folks do about their dogs. I mean, look at that face:

Riley O'Neil, Townsquare Media
Riley O'Neil, Townsquare Media

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