I love hanging Christmas ornaments on my tree that are reminders and mementos of special times in my life.

Like my little red barn that says "See Rock City" I bought when I lived in Chattanooga.

Now we can make our own memento Christmas ornaments.

I came across this neat idea on Beauty in the Mess site to make your own memento ornaments.

This in particular is a memento for Baby's first Christmas. They placed their baby's hospital band and little beanie in the clear plastic ornament.  A couple of my friends that just had babies could do this now.

And actually, we could use this ornament idea for any special moment in your life.

Maybe your first date you had with your now spouse, or the day you graduated from college, the day got in engaged or married. There's some many great ideas and all you  need is a large plastic ornament that comes apart, ribbon and the memento filling, maybe add some little confetti as well.

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