There is a unique way people that live on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin receive their mail during the summer and a few students are lucky enough to get hired as mailboat jumpers.

I had some pretty boring summer jobs when I was in school.

This one definitely looks interesting.

For the people that live on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, their mail is delivered in a special way in the summer.

They all have mailboxes on their docks and a mailboat comes by to drop it off. It's not in the regular tradition. The boat doesn't pull up and the person places the letters in the box.

In Lake Geneva, they actually use "mailboat jumpers."

Twitter post from Andrew Harrison of WJTV.

Check out the video.

Video: Lake Geneva mailboat holds tryouts (from Janesville Gazette)

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to do this job, so the hiring process is different too. There are actual tryouts.

According to,

"To qualify, each applicant had to leap from the boat, stuff mail into mailboxes fixed onto piers and jump back on the boat in a matter of seconds. The boat never stops moving."

At first, this gig would be tough but I think once you figure it out it could be fun.

Much better than working in a fast food place all summer.


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