Merry Christmas, Luke Bryan fans! The singer's wife, Caroline, resurrected one of her most popular annual holiday pranks against her husband—namely, coating a bar of soap with clear nail polish—resulting in Bryan giving viewers a little bit more of himself than we usually see.

"'Soapy Claus' is back. So many people have told me that the soap prank last year was their favorite," noted Caroline. "So I did it again and had some friends get their husbands! Poor Luke was quick to catch on! Anyone who wants to try it...all you do is get a fresh bar of soap and coat it with clear nail polish. It won’t lather!"

Poor Luke was indeed quick to catch on, accusing his wife right away of messing with the soap. "Don't walk out naked," admonishes Caroline, but those who swipe to the post's next slide will see a fair amount of Bryan's birthday suit, as he notes crossly, "No lather!"

For those who want to keep swiping, Caroline amassed a collection of her friends performing the same trick on their own husbands, with pretty darn funny results. "Smells like ass," noted one guy succinctly.

The Bryans have a long history of performing holiday pranks on each other and their friends, with this year's fun including everything from a fake fan attacking Luke to Caroline squirting fart spray around and accusing innocent bystanders.

The always-fun couple will likely have a few more shenanigans aimed at driving each other and various family members nuts before the 25th rolls around, but this one probably wins for showing the most skin. Stay tuned to see what else these crazies dream up to get each other good!

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