Luke Bryan will embark on a nine-show Las Vegas residency in February, where he's offering fans a chance to experience a different side of his live show. That's not the only reason he's excited for the residency, however: It'll also bring him back to Vegas, where he has at least one fond memory of getting extremely lucky at the Blackjack table.

Bryan remembers that fateful day, which started when he had a day off in Vegas between tour stops.

"... And the Georgia Bulldogs were playing at, like, 12 noon," the singer recounts to Audacy's Rob + Holly. "Well, I go down, and I wanted to play a few hands of Blackjack, and then I wanted to go stop and sit at a bar and watch my Georgia Bulldogs play."

When he got to the table, it was already 11:30. "I know I don't have much time, and I sit down and I won 14 hands in a row and I won $60,000 in 14 hands," he goes on to say.

"I did not mean to win that much money," Bryan emphasizes. "I just, it happened. I sat down and the first card, I just started winning. I think it was six total minutes. I won 60 grand, I got up and then I just went and watched my Georgia Bulldogs."

Recently, during a stop on the Ellen Show, Bryan shared another fond, Vegas-centric memory: As a kid, Elvis Presley's Live in Las Vegas album was one of his favorite records. As a result, the country star can now do a pretty dead-on Elvis impression, which he demonstrated on Ellen.

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