Cafe 411 was what it was before, but even before that, it was Spring Garden.

But it seems as though the building at 411 E. Riverside Blvd. in Loves Park is about to become home to a new restaurant, Ojeda’s Restaurant & Bar.

No word yet as to what type of cuisine the new restaurant will be serving up, but they have applied for a liquor license.

That'll be a new thing for this location.

I remember going to Spring Garden all the time in what I call the 'pre-kids age'. This is because it was open 24 hours and they always serve breakfast. Never do I remember them serving liquor.

But for the last serval years, Spring Garden has moved further down 251 in the former Grandma's location.

After Spring Garden moved, it was Cafe 411 and I can honestly say I never ate there. Nothing against them, they just had strange hours. They never seemed to be open when we were looking for a neighborhood spot to grab a bite.

The City of Loves Park has said the new owners have also applied for building permits so they can remodel the interior of the business.

It'll be interesting to see what they do with the place I once spent a lot of time at.

I'm even more curious as to what type of food they'll be serving when they do open.

The owners of Ojeda's originally wanted to open its doors December 2018, but that didn't go as planned and the date has been pushed back.

To stay up to date with the new Loves Park restaurant keep checking their Facebook page.

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