Peggy Cowans of Thornton, Colorado was surprised when she received a call from Winnebago County Animal Services with the news that her lost dog named 'Double D' was at the shelter in Rockford, which is located over 950 miles away from her home. Here's the story.

The brown and white female pitbull was found running loose in a Roscoe neighborhood and had been missing from its home in Colorado for about a year. The dog had been used as an assistance dog for her now 11-year-old great grandson who is autistic.

According to The Winnebago County Animal Services, today or Tuesday, July 1, 'Double D' will be on her way back home thanks to a microchip that Cowans had implanted before the dog went missing. A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and inserted under the skin of a cat or dog usually around the shoulder area.

Winnebago County Animal Services was able to obtain Cowans’ current address and phone number by tracing the microchip through the chip’s manufacturer where it was registered.

Another happy ending and another reason to use microchips.