Loretta Lynn is still a force, even when paired with two of her most powerful contemporaries. "Still Woman Enough" from her new album of the same name finds her singing with Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood.

The new song begins with a driving acoustic shuffle and Lynn telling her story, as she does at her best. It's a gritty vocal, partially inspired by her 2002 autobiography by the same title. When it's their turn, McEntire and then Underwood have no problem keeping pace.

"I was raised in Oklahoma / I'm country proud to say / I've seen a lot of changes / But I ain't never changed," McEntire sings, beginning the second verse before Underwood finishes with:

"Well this here girl's been here and done that / They call me hillbilly but I got the last laugh / Standing here today / Proving in every way / I'm still woman enough." 

Lynn's daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell, tells Taste of Country it was her mother's idea to feature the two guest vocalists. All three have one-of-a-kind voices that blend, but still separate during three-part harmonies. It's a special cake where each flavor stands out while working toward the whole.

"Mom's way smarter than all of us," Russell says. "She saw a broader picture, that this is really about girlfriends standing together ... I think that's part of Loretta Lynn's genius, is knowing those moments."

That spirit comes through during the last half of the song, when the three women are seemingly singing to one another, almost like they're trying to out-inspire the others. Through it all, that driving shuffle never quits.

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