Ahhh it's Christmas. Time for family, fun, food, presents, the lights and Computer scams.

Yep there's another one to be on the look out for.

Scammers on on the loose to infect, lock up your computers and tthen bilk you out of money with a craftily designed scam.

WREX news reports that how this works is "A notice shows up on your screen saying you need to call Microsoft to fix it.  Once you call, the scammers ask for $50 to resolve the problem. That's just on part of the scam. They also infect your computer and you'll continued to be contacted by the scammers."

Wow! That is really sneaky.

The best thing to do if you get a pop up notice like that is one DON'T click on it. "Just reboot your computer. If it goes away, you're most likely fine. But if you do get scammed, that's when you need to have your computer checked by a professional."