What was once a Rockford mental health center now resembles something out of a horror movie. See for yourself.

The Facebook page called "Abandoned Places in Illinois and southern Wisconsin" was able to get pictures of the inside of Singer Mental Health Center, which has sat empty since late 2012. The photos are creepy.

  • This hallway looks like a scene from the first season of The Walking Dead.
  • Here's the main entrance, I believe. It's hard to tell if these are papers or some sort of napkins but, regardless, the interior appears to be vandalized.
  • Someone or something has damaged the inside walls.
  • An entrance on the side or back of the building. Landscaping clearly hasn't happened since the building's closure.
  • Another creepy photo of the abandoned mental facility.
  • A different view of an entrance with a boarded-up window and debris on the sidewalk.
  • How about this hallway? Definitely looks like extensive water damage.
  • These syringes appear to be unused but it still eery to look at.
  • This filtered Snapchat image appears to be proof of the abandoned location being in Rockford.

There are a few more photos of Abandoned Places In Illinois and Southern Wisconsin's Facebook page.


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