Some people say the Old Joliet Prison in Joliet, Illinois is incredibly haunted, and after seeing these pics of what it looks like today, it's hard not to agree.

Different Meanings of Haunted

When someone says the word "haunted", our minds usually go to thoughts of ghosts and spirits, but that is not always the case; people are often haunted by horrible experiences and regrets too. Could that be the case with Illinois' most famous prison, the Old Joliet Prison, too?

The Dark History of Old Joliet Prison

The Old Joliet Prison opened in 1958 and was originally called the Illinois State Penitentiary. Hundreds of executions took place inside its walls and it once housed some of the most notorious killers in Illinois history like John Wayne Gacy and Baby Face Nelson

Rumors swirled about the horrible and unsanitary living conditions inside the Old Joliet Prison, and it was officially closed in 2002 by Governor George Ryan.  The property was abandoned and abused for over a decade before the City of Joliet took control of the property and poured millions of dollars into restoring the prison to serve as a museum. In 2018 the Old Joliet Prison reopened to the public for touring, but its years of neglect are still visible everywhere....

The Hauntings of Old Joliet Prison

The Old Joliet Prison is open 7 days a week for self-guided tours, BUT if you want to experience the terror that lies inside the prison's walls, there are a couple of ways you can do that;

Every Halloween season you can visit The Old Joliet Haunted Prison...

Or...for more real-life scares you could try taking a flashlight tour of the prison at dark...

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