Dordoniz Natural Products, LLC, a local company in South Beloit, has had nearly 90,000 bottles of beer containing illegal ingredients seized by U.S. Authorities this week. Details here.


U.S. authorities in Illinois have seized nearly 90,000 bottles of a beverage containing the herbal ingredient Kratom.

According to WIFR TV-23, "The U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago stated the bottles are valued at more than $400,000. Prosecutors filed a civil forfeiture complaint that enabled officials to seize them because they contain the herbal ingredient Kratom".

Chris Ratcliffe, Getty Images

Kratom is used by some as a dietary ingredient. The complaint says there isn't enough information to conclude that Kratom doesn't pose health risks. It derives from a substance grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea according to WIFR TV-23.

Apparently Kratom can have stimulant and narcotic effects on individuals and more research needs to be concluded before it is approved.