We have so many questions, well... mainly two. Can you guess what they are?

Obviously one is the same as the Beloit Police and the other is why she crossed the road?

Beloit Police had fun with this "incident" and brought a smile to those who scrolled by. The actual details of the report weren't shared but aren't needed.

Things had run afowl, and we needed to quickly apprehend this little lady as fast as we could to gather critical information before she flew the coop.

Detective Schoonover was able to catch her, and after issuing Miranda warning, we were able to ask the questions that we have all been wondering. (see attached questions). While the hen was tough, and offered no answers, we are happy that she is safe, and we are hoping to reunite her with her family soon. If you recognize her, please call 757-2244 and ask to speak to CSO Richards.

The little lady was OK and released peacefully.

She has been eggcellent and we will be sad to see her go.

Unfortunately, we still don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg. Another question also remains unanswered; why did the chicken cross the road?

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