Did you know Lee Brice's latest hit song "I Don't Dance" almost didn't happen? In fact, he didn't even think the song would end up on his latest album, let alone be the lead single from the project. In a recent interview with Radio.com Lee said that something “magic” happened during that session that took “I Don’t Dance” from being “a song I was writing for my wife” (or his soon to be 'wife-to-be')to a single that can speak to anyone and everyone. Lee is engaged to Sarah Reevely and was not yet married at the time.

Lee says “I Don’t Dance” is a love song from a man’s point of view. He says that he’s not much of a dancer, but for the woman he loves, he’ll go ahead and dance anyway.

The song "I Don't Dance" is one of the Top 5 Requests here at Q98.5. Check out the video and listen to the words closely