Now that the weather is finally warmer, Stateline homeowners are busy outdoors cleaning up the mess that Winter left behind. As a homeowner myself, I know that the basic act of cleaning your yard can make you realize just how much "stuff" needs to be done to not only maintain, but improve, your outdoor space.

My husband and I have gotten quotes for various outdoor jobs over the  years from several different companies, and it always amazes me how much of a price difference margin those quotes usually come back with. Cheapest definitely does not always mean best!

If landscaping improvements are on your mind because you still have some stimulus money burning a hole in your pocket, (or you're the lucky winner of the $10,000 grand prize from our Cash Cow), before you choose which lawn care service to hire, make sure you do your homework!

Beware Of Lawn Service Scams In the Rockford Area

Rockford Better Business Bureau Director Dennis Horton recently told;

Each year, especially in Spring we receive a lot of complaints for these types of services. Before selecting a business, evaluate your needs and make sure to do your research at the BBB website before you hire.


Also, fake websites stealing consumers’ money and ID information remains a huge problem in the USA. In the springtime, we see more fake sites pretending to sell everything affiliated with lawn and gardening services and supplies

The homework goes farther than just hiring a reputable lawn service company, it also pertains to homeowners who decide to conquer outdoor DIY projects. Buy your supplies from locally owned garden centers and lawn care companies. These companies usually back up their plants and supplies more than the big box stores, not to mention they carry far more of the "unusual" that will really make your outdoor area "pop".

Happy planting, shoveling and playing in the mud, my friends!


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