The idea of sharks strolling through the freshwater depths of Lake Michigan like shoppers on Magnificent Mile might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but it's not outlandish.

All the talk of global warming sparked debates and curiosity among locals and enthusiasts.

Toss in a few sightings in Lake Michigan and you've got yourself an interesting topic.


"Is That A Shark?!"

In 1969, two fishermen pulled a 2-and-a-half shark from the water around two miles into Lake Michigan outside of Milwaukee.

A shark created a lot of watercooler talk when it was found floating in the water, albeit dead.

Apparently, it was part of an elaborate two-year prank that involved a local bar owner who caught a shark two years prior during a trip to Florida, according to Outforia.

The story goes that he caught it kept it in his freezer and asked two fishermen to drop the shark in the lake as a prank.

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Lake Michigan Shark Attack, circa 1955

In 1955, a boy was pulled into a boat on Lake Michigan (off the shores of Chicago) with what appeared to be a wound from a shark.

The rescuer was shocked after realizing it looked like a shark bit off the child's leg, according to Shark Attack File.

I just couldn’t believe it, but I had to believe what I saw happening right before my eyes!

Doctors confirmed that it was indeed a shark bite. Witnesses say they saw the dorsal fin of a shark swimming away from where the boy was attacked.

Although unconfirmed, sources believe the bite was fatal.

The 1969 shark prank happened 2-miles off the shores of Milwaukee. (Canva)
The 1969 shark prank happened 2-miles off the shores of Milwaukee. (Canva)

But How Can A Shark Survive In A Lake?

Bull sharks can survive in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. But don't get all concerned because the conditions of Lake Michigan are far from ideal for their long-term habitation for bull sharks.

The water temperature and the lack of a substantial food source pose significant challenges for any potential shark population to thrive.

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