If you feel like you woke up one day and you were suddenly your mother, you might be right.

If, in fact, you are 33 or older. I guess I have about 11 and a half months until I'm my mom.

According to a new study, women start turning into their mothers when they turn 33.

Mirror says that when you turn 33, you start picking up your mom's 'habits, tastes and attitudes.'

If you don't have kids though, you might get some extra time before you become you mother, there is some correlation between having your first kid and becoming your mom.

Men start becoming their dads around 34.

Why? The study honestly didn't give a lot of the 'why,' but you can read more here.

So maybe I have more than a year.

Stories like these always remind me of the Friends episode when Rachel is teaching Joey about boating. After Rachel yells at Joey and says she spent so much time trying not to turn into her mom, she didn't realize she turned into her dad.

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