Ladies when pumping gas, police are urging you to lock your purses up in the car.

ABC7Chicago reports that a rash of purse snatching is happening at gas stations in Northwest Indiana and in Illinois.

The thief or possibly thieves are stealing purses from unlocked cars at the gas stations.

The police have a picture of a light brown or tan Nissan Maxima that has been spotted as the getaway car leaving the scenes of the robberies.

Crime can happen anytime and anywhere, but we need to vigilant in keeping our possessions safe. Don't leave your car unlocked when going into a gas station or even the doors unlocked when standing next to the car as you're pumping gas. It's so easy for us to just put the pump in and lean against our car with our backs turned not knowing if anyone is on the other side of the car casing the windows to see if they can get in.