Texting seems to be the go-to way of communicating these days, but in the dating world, it's wisest to keep the "less is more" philosophy in mind.

When I first began dating my husband, he didn't text, and I did. He has finally gotten with the times, but I am still by far the bigger "texter" in our relationship. These days texting plays a big role in dating, so Match.com conducted a survey of their male users to determine what text habits really turn them off. Here is some of the things they found:

  1. Lay off the emojis - A lot of men said emojis can kill a conversation, and their interest, in a hurry. Not to mention that sending a  bunch of hearts, smiley faces, dogs and rainbows is confusing, and comes off a bit childish to guys.
  2. Save the 20 questions for later - Most men agree that texting a list of questions like "what are you doing?", followed a few seconds later by "is this a bad time?" is a real turn-off. Bombarding him with texts before he even gets a chance to respond makes you look needy to the 10th degree.
  3. Make sure you know who you are texting - If you're playing the field ladies, don't bust yourself out. Plain and simple.
  4. Don't overuse slang - If you think it's totes adorbs to text words like this, get over it. Men do not find it cute.
  5. Set a text limit rule - This goes hand-in-hand with the rule about not texting a list of questions to a guy. If you send like 3 or 4 texts with no response, the jig is up. Most men said the magic number is 3.
  6. Remember that guys get nervous too - Most men agree that texting is a great relationship ice breaker, but be sure not to reveal too much and leave some suspense for the first date.

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